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#721 Safety Talk Training Resource DVD

#721 Safety Talk Training Resource DVD

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This DVD is designed to give you 11 months of Dog Bite Safety Talks. It gives you a subject for every month.
Some of the subjects covered are:
  • How to evaluate the site you are going to enter
  • What to do if you are in the yard and can’t get out
  • How to protect yourself from a pack of dogs! 
This is a quick and fun training tool that will give you loads of information for pretty much every problem you may run into.
  1. Entering the yard
  2. Approaching the front door
  3. Interacting with the customer and dog
  4. Fence and barrier syndrome
  5. Reading canine body posture
  6. You are in the yard, but you cannot get out
  7. Man stopper breeds
  8. Self defense from an individual dog
  9. Self defense from a pack of dogs
  10. What to do when you have been bitten
  11. Reporting the attack