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#115 Dog Bite Prevention DVD

#115 Dog Bite Prevention DVD

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Dog Bite Prevention DVD (12 minutes)

This DVD reviews the most helpful practices in dog bite safety - it is geared to advise the field employees and service workers on how to avoid canine inflicted injury. These are the people who are in the highest danger zones and are the ones who will encounter hundreds of canines a month.Viewers can learn how to prevent altercations with the potentially dangerous dogs they encounter on the job.

This DVD offers instruction on:

  • Work safety around owners and their family while dogs are present
  • How to safely approach the front door and then enter the home
  • Minimizing injuries if attacked by one dog
  • How to handle the terrifying scenario of pack attacks 

If you are sending your employees out into the field for the first time or if existing employees just need a refresher – this DVD training is an absolute must! Remedial training is essential for employees who have had a negative encounter or who have already been bit.

Note: #112 Occupational dog bite safety video should be purchased first, then #115 Dog bite prevention as a refresher.

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