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#212 DOG BATON Size: 2FT

#212 DOG BATON Size: 2FT

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Since a dog will bite the first thing that it comes to, it is a great idea to have something to be able to put in front of you when a dog is attacking.

That is where the Dog Baton comes into play. The Dog Baton is made out of solid nylon rod so it will not break.

The baton can be used to:

  • Keep dogs at bay
  • Open gates
  • Move brush out of the way

Note: We recommend not leaving the Dog Baton in any vehicle with temperatures in the 100’s

Short Dog Baton (2ft)

The Dog Baton is made out of SOLID nylon rod - Ball size 2.5'
NOTE: Any Dog Bite Stick Order Can Take Up To 2 Weeks to Ship.