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#213 DOG BATON Size: 2 1/2FT

#213 DOG BATON Size: 2 1/2FT

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Since a dog will bite the first thing that it comes to, it is a great idea to have something to be able to put in front of you when a dog is attacking. 

The dog baton is a good tool to have when you need to put something in between your body and an attacking dog. Put this in front of you when a dog is lunging for personal protection. The baton is made of solid nylon rod, and will not break under the powerful clamping force of a canine. Use this tool to defend yourself from dogs, open gates, move objects in your way, and more. Always carry something!

The baton can be used to:

  • Keep dogs at bay

  • Open gates

  • Move brush out of the way

Note: We recommend not leaving the Dog Baton in any vehicle with temperatures in the 100’s

Long Dog Baton (2.5ft)

The Dog Baton is made out of SOLID nylon rod - Ball size 2.5'
NOTE: Any Dog Bite Stick Order Can Take Up To 2 Weeks to Ship.