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#403 Kit #2 Trainer's ODBS Tool Kit

#403 Kit #2 Trainer's ODBS Tool Kit

  • 2,45000

The Kit includes one of each:
  • #401 Full Trainer PP w/ trainers notes 
  • #112 ODBS DVD 
  • #721 Safety Talk DVD 
  • #726 10 Commandments on ODBS Poster 
  • #728 Dog Posture Poster 
  • #211 Pop Action Umbrella 
  • #213 Dog Baton 2 1/2ft 
  • #107 Dog Bite Stick 2ft 
  • #725 Dog Bite Safety Card 
The seventeen minute DVD/Video will help your employees work safely around the dogs they encounter. Get a full years worth of Dog Bite Safety Talks.
Two posters for quick reference before employees walk out the door.
Dog Baton, Dog Bite Stick and the Bulli Ray Umbrella are proven safety equipment! These devices are important for your company to pilot. Dogs will bite the first thing they come to; make sure that there is always something between the dog and your employee.
Completing the package, our informative Dog Cards describing specific defensive or predatory breeds, plus educating the employee on:
  • Shock
  • Bleeding
  • How to Treat a Dog Bite