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#121 PREMIUM DVD PACKAGE WITH 10 Video Clips in One Package on Dog Bite Prevention

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#121 - 10 Premium Video Clips in One Package on Dog Bite Prevention.

Give your company cost effective videos for safety trainers to show employees how to be safe around dogs. 

Knowledge and awareness give your employees the power to avoid or safely handle their interaction with dogs in their daily activities.
Reduce your incidences of dog bite encounters by giving your employees the tools and knowledge they need when they need it.

Start Training Your Employees Today!


  • Canine/Human Postures (5:30)
  • Employee Interaction with Customers and Dogs (4:00)
  • I-Messages (3:50)
  • Site Evaluation (3:30)
  • Entering the Yard (5:00)
  • Approaching the Front Door (4:50)
  • While in the Home (4:20)
  • Making a Safe Exit (3:00)
  • Defense Against a Single Dog Attack (7:00)
  • Defense Against a Pack Attack (4:00)

Plus you will get:

  • One of each of our Dog Bite Safety Posters - Product #726 & #728
  • Safety Talk Handouts (12)  Product #723